(EP9) Resolution Boot Camp

(EP9) Resolution Boot Camp

Did you know that 92{a816db4ce14e8b9e70a8e6bad6852bb9c6b79cf1c52e411991c767e9cc96c7cf} of people who set resolutions ultimately abandon them? Now you don’t have to be one of them. Doug and Suzanne and here to give you foolproof tips to sticking to your resolutions, and popular myths of the diet industry to avoid.

Covered in this episode:

    • The key to making permanent change in your life: starting positive habits
    • Why you should widen, not restrict your diet
    • The next steps to take when all your previous diets and exercise routines have failed you

This episode’s segments:

Little Known Fats: Forget everything you know about diets! Most diets are geared toward taking foods out of your normal rotation, while they should instead be focused on what to add in. There are countless delicious ways to spice up your meal routine with new, healthy options!

Study: Weight Loss, Saving Money, Top New Year’s Resolutions

95 Percent of People Don’t Fail Their Diet

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