(EP4) Achieving “Young-gevity” with Dr. Chris Lucchese

Does well-being sometimes feel like an uphill climb as you get older? Feeling worse doesn’t have to be the new normal. This week, Suzanne and Doug are joined by Dr. Christoper F. Lucchese –Medical Consultant, Wound Care Surgeon, Non-Surgical Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, and Holistic Physician — to discuss the body’s natural progression as it ages, and what can be done to combat things like weight gain, wrinkles, and erectile dysfunction.

Covered in this episode:

    • Hormone therapy: the stigma behind this life-changing treatment, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to try it
    • What supplements are the best for your health, and why you might want to consider adding (some of) them to your diet even if you eat balanced meals
  • “Youngevity”: the ultimate guide to optimizing how you feel for your entire life

Little Known Fats: Imagine carrying a bag around with a 5 or 10 lb weight. Can you imagine the relief you’d feel when you could put that bag down after carrying it around all day? Not feeling 100{a816db4ce14e8b9e70a8e6bad6852bb9c6b79cf1c52e411991c767e9cc96c7cf} doesn’t have to be the new normal as you get older — there are easy ways to put down those extra pounds and feel your best!

Referenced in the show:

GAINSWave – natural approach to treating erectile dysfunction

Dr. Chris’s Low T Center

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