(EP10) Childhood Obesity: What Can We Do?

(EP10) Childhood Obesity: What Can We Do?

Childhood obesity rates continue to climb in the United States — what can parents do without subjecting them to toxic diet culture while still caring for their health? Suzanne and Doug talk about the case of their youngest client, Bailey, who at age 9 weighed over 160 lbs. Thanks to FastFit, teachers now say she’s a totally different kid, full of energy and confidence.

Covered in this episode:

    • Long term problems that may be caused by childhood obesity: diabetes, depression, and anxiety.
    • Communication is key: electronics may have a bigger role in your family’s health than you think. Having specific “all screens off” (particularly during meals) time is imperative to instilling healthy eating habits for your children.
    • And more!

This episode’s segments:

Here’s the Scoop: Why are children now more obese than ever? Unhealthy trends that our culture has fallen into, and how to combat them.

Bailey and her mom

Bailey before and after coming to FastFit

Childhood Obesity Trends

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