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How Fast Fit Body Sculpting began

The body carries several different types of fat, some far more dangerous than others. Fast Fit Body Sculpting founder, Doug Zucco discovered this when, despite working out daily, eating right, and appearing to be in great health, he suffered a heart attack due to visceral fat that had built up.


I believe that the system we’ve developed at Fast Fit, is a gift given to me to help everybody else.

– Doug Zucco, Founder

In addition to causing heart attacks, Doug learned that this type of fat can cause inflammation throughout the body and many other serious health problems. Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat it is more difficult to burn off, persisting even with good nutrition and exercise.

As Doug learned about the dangers of visceral fat, he began to investigate solutions. He developed a non-surgical weight loss solution that could help others get rid of dangerous visceral fat, and Fast Fit Body Sculpting was born!

Watch Doug’s interview with Las Vegas Morning Blend, to learn more about his journey and the story behind Fast Fit Body Sculpting.
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